Thursday, June 03, 2004

Trying to Implement Prevailing Wage Reform
My ex and I had dinner with Duf Sundheim last night, chairman of the Republican Party of California. It was supposed to be a large group of Stanford students, but only two other people wanted to come, so basically we got a private meeting with him.

I had a simple goal in going - to get Mr. Sundheim sold on the political opportunities of advocating prevailing wage law reform. Its a perfect wedge issue for the Republicans - you could get quite a few environmentalists pissed at labor unions, and paint the California Democrat party as further tools of special interests. Plus, the "it shouldn't be illegal to volunteer line" would go over very well with voters.

Was I successful in the sale? I'd like to believe so, but I'm skeptical. At least he asked for me to send him a background pitch on the issue. I'll do it - whether it gets forwarded around Sacramento or forwarded to the trash can is beyond my ability to predict.

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