Tuesday, June 22, 2004

More on the Upcoming GOP Convention Protests.
I got this email today. Read for your amusement (side note - because my blogger doesn't digest links properly, I had to take the text links out and turn them to hyperlinks. So the email has small alterations)

On Sunday, August 29, one of the biggest and most important protests in a generation will take place in New York City: a massive march and rally on the eve of the Republican National Convention, organized by United for Peace and Justice.

If you’re alarmed by the direction that the Bush Administration has taken this country, you will want to make your voice heard at this historic gathering, where we will march against war, greed, hate and lies. Already, many thousands of individuals and hundreds of groups – anti-war, civil rights, immigrant, religious, labor, feminist, environmental, and many more – are planning to participate in this demonstration.

United for Peace and Justice has just launched a new section of our website with resources to help you mobilize for the August 29 RNC protest.

* Downloadable leaflets that you can photocopy and distribute in your community
* An online endorsement form
* Links to housing and ride boards
* Information on ordering posters
* Updated information on our fight for a protest permit

The Republican National Convention – and the protests – will be covered by media outlets around the world. It is vital that we bring the largest possible number of people to New York City on Sunday, August 29 to speak out against the actions and plans of the Bush Administration. Additionally, United for Peace and Justice will have a presence at the Democratic National Convention in Boston in late July, to once again promote our vision of politics based on justice, fairness, and peaceful solutions to conflict.
(See http://www.unitedforpeace.org for details about the Democratic
Convention activities.)


1) Encourage your friends, coworkers, and family to join you in NYC on Sunday, August 29. Forward this email to everyone you know who cares about
peace and justice.

2) Start making your plans now to come to New York City for the August 29
RNC protest. Visit for links to ride and housing boards.

3) Ask your organization – be it a community group, a labor union, a church, or other organization – to endorse the August 29 RNC protest. Visit to endorse.

4) Photocopy and distribute leaflets for the August 29 RNC protest. Visit
to download.

5) Donate! We urgently need to raise $200,000 to make the August 29 RNC
protest a success. Make an online credit card donation or call our office at 212-868-5545 to make a credit card donation by phone. You can also mail checks payable to
United for Peace & Justice to P.O. Box 607, Times Square Station, New York, NY 10108.

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