Saturday, March 19, 2005

Kirkwood Moot Court, Deadlines, and Sleep Deprivation
My week from hell is behind me. I've slept, and am now resting and relaxing.

So I took the MPRE on Saturday. That night, we had the Stanford Public Interest Law Foundation (SPILF) auction, which I went to, and partied at afterwards. I ended up buying a wine tour for 10 people for $30 (in spite of not drinking myself). But I digress.

The main point is starting Sunday morning I had been working nonstop on our moot brief for moot court.

Well, I had been wrestling with the case issue for a long time, but by Sunday, I was ready to put my thoughts down. The problem was I had waited just a little too long. I had to work all day/night Sunday and all day Monday to get my section done. I did not sleep Monday night. On Tuesday, my partner told me midday that he thought stylistically, my writting was not up to snuff. As a result, we spent that afternoon and early evening making corrections. I slept only a few hours that evening. Finally, by Wednesday, we faced a 3 p.m. deadline, but still had much to do.

What did we have left to do? The table of contents and the table of authorities. The former needs no description, the latter is a listing of every case that is cited and the page number that it appears on. In short, you can't do it without having finished writing, as then the page numbers would get screwed up. To top it off, even though there was a 3 p.m. deadline, we had decided we had to finish by 2 p.m. because we fully expected all printers to be occupied during the last hour.

So there I was, sleep deprived, delirious, and stressed out that we were going to miss the deadline all through Wednesday morning. I was such a head case that I am probably lucky my partner didn't slug me. Long story short - we got the brief in in time, but there are errors that we didn't have time to correct. :-(

So now I can relax, and hope to make the lost points up in oral arguments. I'll write more about that later.

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