Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Confession: I Hate the Yankees
No, I am not a Red Sox fan. I am an Indians fan who is sick of listening to New Yorkers speak about all their "home-grown" talent, when they never have to worry about another team signing away one of their players that they want to keep. In this spirit, here is a cool little tongue-in-cheek excerpt of an ESPN piece:

[T]he vast majority of Yankees fans simply cannot fathom the possibility that anyone could hate their team unless he or she also roots for the Red Sox. It's simply beyond their capacity to imagine that there are people all over the world who hate the Yankees for their own very legitimate reasons, and not just because they live in Boston.

The thing is, though, people hate the Yankees everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Brazilian researchers recently discovered an Indian tribe in so remote a part of the Amazon that these natives had never been exposed to western society. Although I cannot absolutely, positively vouch for this, I believe the only words they were able to understand were "Jeter sucks."

For those of you who agree, you might like this website to buy anti-Yankee apparel.

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