Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Here come the Palestinians........
"What Happened to Palestine?
Thursday May 13, 2004 @ noon in White Plaza
Guest Speakers: Prof. Joel Beinin, Prof. Khalil Barhoum.
Enjoy: Music, Photo Display, Palestinian Desserts, T-shirts

What Is Al-Nakba?
"Nakba" means "catastrophe" in Arabic ("al-nakba" means "the catastrophe"). Throughout the Arab world, the word is used to refer to the devastation of Palestinian society and the dispossession of the Palestinian people resulting from the ethnic cleansing conducted by Zionist forces in '47-'48.

What Is Nakba Day?
The most important date on the Palestinian calendar, Nakba Day is observed throughout the world on May 15. This is a time to learn about the history of Palestine and of Palestinians, and to remember the tragedy inflicted on the Palestinian people in 1947-48, which has yet to be rectified.

Nakba Day is also an occasion to celebrate the continued vitality of Palestinian culture in the face of continuing hardships, and to reaffirm Palestinian aspirations for peace and self-determination.

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