Friday, August 09, 2013

Jax Bubis Causing Some In EPCO GOP To Question Endorsement Protocols

This is republished by permission from former El Paso County GOP Division Captain Bob Clark, author of following comment here, who was in turn responding to this ColoradoPols article:

I'm about to criticize two of my favorite elected officials. It sucks but it would be disingenuous if I attacked everyone involved except them. 
On ColoradoPols is an article linking former Candidate Jax Bubis to sovereign citizen's movement. You know - the people who believe they can print their own money partly because the United States of America and/or Colorado no longer exists in their eyes. Yes, Coloradopols is a very liberal site, but I consider this a very fair written article (at least until the end when they started jabbing the whole GOP).

What is truly damning in the article though is the list of her endorsers:
Sen. Owen Hill
Sen. Ted Harvey
Sen. Kent Lambert
Sen. Vicki Marble
Sen. Randy Baumgardner
Former Sen. Dave Schultheis
Rep. Janak Joshi
Rep. Chris Holbert
Rep. Justin Everett
Rep. Steve Humphrey

These aren't small timers in the GOP. These are state players including two U.S. [Senate] Candidates. You'd think these people would have done their due diligence. It's not like it was tough to do - the day Jax announced I was receiving calls about what people where finding out about Mrs. Bubis.

So what this whole mess plus the Beantown Heat stuff shows is a lack of checking a person out before endorsing them by the people who endorsed her. Now, some of these people I have a huge respect for, yet they need to start doing a better job of vetting people. What will be the result of this? Simple: Democrats will use whatever this lady does to hurt those who endorsed her. I wonder how many of these endorsers also endorsed Dan Maes? Starting to see a pattern here.

Former El Paso County Division Captain Bob Clark


Anonymous said...

Mr. Clark is obviously a RINO and a part of the corrupt Republican establishment. All RINOs are for all intense and purposes are Democrats and are undermining the conservative core of the Republican Party. Large number of Democrat legislators around the nation are openly involved with the Communist Party USA, but Mr. Clark sees fit to attack his fellow Republican Ms. Bubis for her alleged involvement with the sovereign citizen's movement. If true, this is a minor transgression. I have never heard of the sovereign citizen movement advocating murder of millions of Americans, but Communists/Democrats did, including many of Obama current friends. The sovereign citizen movement have never advocated violent overthrow of the US government, but Communist/Democrats did. The sovereign citizen movement have never advocated imprisoning millions of Americans in the concentration/ re-education camps, but the Communists/Democrats did. To make the long story short, with friends like Bob Clark, who needs enemies.

Elliot Fladen said...

Jax Bubis drew her support from Dudley Brown who has made a fortune attacking conservatives. Jax/Dudley peeps complaining about that now when their own actions become investigated is quite funny given that background.

Anonymous said...

Dudley Brown have never attacked conservatives. He always fought against the GOP/RINO establishment and that is not the same thing.

Elliot Fladen said...

See here regarding Dudley's tactics:,1

Anonymous said...

I did read this article. First of all, 5280 magazine is hardly an authority on Republican politics and second, the article itself is nothing more then biased, Leftist crap.

Bob Graves said...

I have to agree with Anonymous when he/she states that Dudley Brown has never attacked conservatives. The article only proves the point. Seems most in the GOP have forgotten what a conservative is.

Anonymous said...

Dudley has done serious damage to many Conservatives. His claim to fame is his ability to raise money without accountability for what he does with it. He is also well known for his talk but has maintained an unblemished record of no legislative accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Why does any one care what Bob Clark has to say?