Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Dazzler

Now that Obama just seems about ready to wrap everything up, a common thought is "how did he do it?" While some put well-earned (credit/blame) at the foot of the media, I think its more about Bush. Not Bush's policies, (which often seem to be recited in an ill informed rosary-type recitation before concluding with some variation of "worst president ever") but rather Bush's personality. Whatever Bush's and Obama's similarity in making verbal gaffes, they just come off as widely different people.

Bush is the guy you'd grab a drink with at a fraternity, the operator who while not necessarily understanding the big philosophical discussion at 3 a.m. in the stoners' room, knows how to stay on the member's good side. America wants more than that at this moment. After four years America wants the guy who just doesn't serve as the operator, but the guy who is phi beta kappa, the guy who talks like he actually understands and writes his own speeches. And Obama is that guy. It doesn't really matter whether the press is shilling for Obama (yes it is) or not, because Obama has the personality and tempermant that Americans want after 8 years of Bush.

Notice I said nothing about Obama's policies. Not a coincidence, as they don't seem to be what is at issue in this election.

About the author (updated in July 2012): Elliot Fladen is an attorney practicing law in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Nothing in this blog is meant to constitute legal advice unless explicitly stated to the contrary.

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